Priorities for
Newport News

Public safety, public education, and economic development are without a doubt the core of local government. As a Newport News native and product of the Newport News public school system (‘09), I believe I am uniquely equipped to support and invest in these crucial areas of our city in a new way. City rebranding and empowering the next generation of leaders are two critical priorities for our city if we want to ensure continued improvements within public safety, public education, and economic development.

Work. Live. PLAY.

  • Public safety, public education, and economic opportunities are tied to the perception of Newport News.
  • We must support our local businesses by making Newport News attractive to the larger workforce. Doing so will help businesses recruit and retain skilled talent and diversify our tax base. 
  • Housing in Newport News is expanding and job opportunities are rebounding post-pandemic. Investing in leisure and commercial initiatives within our city will help boost citizen morale, bolster tourism revenue, and attract skilled workers to live in Newport News. 
  • A strong night-life economy promotes citizen security, creates a greater sense of belonging, and is a source of employment and additional tax revenue for local governments.
  • Modernizing city hall processes and creating efficiencies will ensure optimal citizen service and support city staff.

Empowering the next generation of newport news leaders

Currently, the average age of our City Council is 65, retirement age. To ensure Newport News is able to compete economically with other cities across the Commonwealth and the country, we’re going to need a healthy balance of perspectives.